We Keep Basements And Crawl Spaces Dry And Worry Free

A job well-done

I just wanted to tell you and your team a job-well-done. Your description of the problems and proposed solutions for the basement issues were very clearly explained; and the efforts and experience of your work-team was evident throughout their workdays on the property.

I think I’d avoided this job because I really wasn’t sure there was a solution to the mud, damp, and odor. The installation of the drainage system in the stairwell and around the perimeter of the basement has already taken away the odor. I’m looking forward, instead of dreading, a gully-washer rainstorm to see the rest of the system in action.

I would be most happy to recommend your company to anyone who wishes a reference. Please add my name to your list of references and feel free to provide future customers with my name and phone number in Pennsylvania. (you have this information)